Rank Название Отрасль Показатель
1 АО «Казмунайгаз» Oil and gas
7 558 186 млн. тнг
2 АО «Қазақстан Темiр Жолы» Transport
2 487 477 млн. тнг
3 АО «Казатомпром» Nuclear Industry
689 766 млн. тнг
4 АО «Национальная горнорудная компания «Тау-Кен Самрук» MMC
527 467 млн. тнг
5 АО «Казахтелеком» Telecommunications
416 135 млн. тнг
6 АО «Фонд Недвижимости «Самрук-Казына» The financial sector
139 761 млн. тнг
7 АО «Эйр Астана» Transport
136 876 млн. тнг
8 АО «Национальная компания «Казахстан инжиниринг» Transport
114 079 млн. тнг
9 ТОО «Объединенная химическая компания» Nuclear Industry
71 313 млн. тнг
10 АО «Казпочта» Telecommunications
49 205 млн. тнг
11 АО «Международный аэропорт Актобе» Transport
6 146 млн. тнг
12 АО «Международный аэропорт Атырау» Transport
4 333 млн. тнг
13 АО «Самрук-Энерго» Energy
0 млн. тнг
14 АО «KEGOC» Energy
0 млн. тнг
15 АО «Аэропорт Павлодар» Transport
0 млн. тнг
16 ТОО «Самрук-Казына контракт» The financial sector
0 млн. тнг
17 АО «КОРЭМ» Energy
0 млн. тнг
18 АО «КазНИИ энергетики имени академика Ш.Ч. Чокина» Energy
0 млн. тнг
19 ТОО «Самрук-Казына Инвест» The financial sector
0 млн. тнг

There are the main indicators for the audited financial statements of the subsidiaries and dependent companies of JSC «National Welfare Fund » Samruk -Kazyna » for 2012.


Asset -union of property or property rights owned by the Company in the form of fixed assets, intangible assets , material inventories , cash , investments, and cash requirements to other businesses and individuals .

Revenue – funds, received by the Company from the sale of goods and services.

Net income - is a measure of the final financial result is calculated as the difference between all revenues and expenditures of the Company.

EBITDA - earnings before interest expense , taxes and accumulated depreciation .

Equity capital - the capital, invested by the owners (shareholders / founders) of the Company.

Operating profit - the profit of the Company as a result of the main economic activities.

Financial leverage - the ratio of assets to equity of the Company.

ROA (return on assets) - return on assets , calculated as the ratio of net profit to total assets of the Company.

ROE (return on equity) - return on equity , calculated as the ratio of net profit to equity ratio of the Company.

ROI (return on investment) - return on investment , calculated as the ratio of net profit to the amount of capital invested.

Total Debt/EBITDA- ratio of total financial liabilities to record EBITDA.

Net profit growth - the growth rate of net profit for last year.

EBITDA margin
- the ratio of index EBITDA to  the Company’s revenues.