«Nomad.su»: «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC to privatize 209 companies

U. Shukeyev: «We will make every effort to implement the program in time. However, delays are possible due to a number of factors; for example, the inclusion of companies on the IPO will depend on market conditions and the realization of assets - the willingness of the private sector to purchase the offered assets.

The second wave of privatization of quasi-public sector organizations will be activated in Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Board of «Samruk-Kazyna» Umirzak Shukeyev told at the Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan.

«If we talk about the list of companies for privatization, based on principles of yellow pages, we considered those companies that are engaged in non-core business. For example, companies that produce solar panels in «Kazatomprom», or compete in the market with private companies, or do not have strategic importance, do not relate to matters of national security, have no such public importance,» the Chairman told.

«Therefore, we have now put 209 out of our 599 companies up for sale. Of those, 103 companies are for sale within the privatization program, 50 companies are put up for sale together with second-tier banks, 54 companies are to be eliminated, and 20 more will be re-organized and handed over to state agencies,» Shukeyev said.

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