Kazpost JSC Launches Business Transformation Program

Kazpost JSC is finalizing the last preparations for the launch of the Business Transformation Program. The zero stage provides for the formation of business transformation teams, preparation of infrastructure and tools for the job, as well as the approval of the Charter of the Program. To date, the size of the team is determined - thirty eight people. However, this number may change with the increase in scope of problems. The candidates for positions in the team are set with high requirements - in addition to professional experience, the employee should clearly understand the goals and objectives of the Transformation Program, be ready for changes and carry a positive attitude to the organization for quality implementation of innovation.

The development scenario of the national postal operator has become largely dependent on modern information technology. In particular, the Kazakhstani people do not send letters, postcards and telegrams. However, the Internet has opened great opportunities for e-commerce. At the moment online purchases are very popular among the population. This has a positive impact on the volume of parcels.

According to the experts, Kazpost has large reserves for development. This is the maximum potential disclosure that the main thrust of the Business Transformation Program to be made on. In the nearest future the staff of Kazpost with the support of the Central transformation team will start the development of the target management model, resulting in formation of performance indicators. Later a benchmarking analysis with peer foreign companies will be conducted. Then the team will commence designing business processes and identifying the competencies required for employees’ activities.


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