First solar power plant on basis of PV modules of «Astana Solar» LLP launched in Astrakhan region of Russia

Today, as part of the IV Caspian Summit, the launching ceremony of the first solar power plant in Astrakhan region took place. The Solar Power Plant «Narimanov,» the installed capacity of 250 kW, started to operate on September 29, 2014.

The plant fills the pumps of the boiler solar thermal power plant, which provides Narimanov city (population 13 thousand people) with hot water. The solar power plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The generating system consists of 1,060 solar modules with the peak capacity of 240W produced by «Astana Solar» LLP.

This object is created by GC «Energy of the Sun» with the support of the management company Bright Capital within the project for the construction of a network of solar plants in the Astrakhan region, forming the clean energy sector of the region.

During the launching ceremony General Director of «Astana Solar» Vyacheslav Sovetsky said that «it is the first real step towards integration of Kazakh and Russian business in the field of renewable energy within the single economic space. Hopefully photovoltaic modules produced in Kazakhstan, will be widely used in the construction of solar power plants on the program of renewable energy development in Russia. To do this, together with the «Solar Energy» we started work on the unification of the legal framework of the two countries in order to eliminate technical barriers in the part of the requirements for localization of PV modules produced in the countries - members of the Customs Union».

- We are launching system transition energy of the Astrakhan region on clean generation sources. Astrakhan region's share of net generation will almost reach the level of Denmark and Germany,«Pavel Shevchenko, Director General of «Solar Management» LLC, managing GC» Energy of the Sun» company.

Michail Chuchkevich, managing partner of BrightCapital noted, «Astrakhan region has a huge potential for further development and the creation of the solar wind generation. In the next 5 years it will make the region one of the leaders of the net generation of the country and a clear leader in the Caspian region. I hope that the example of setting goals, giving significant noticeable results in the energy field, confirming the commitment of the region to the actual formation of clean energy in the Caspian Sea can be a good basis for the development of similar regional programs in our country.»

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