Retail sale of AI-92, AI-95 automotive gasoline and diesel fuel implemented at «KazMunaiGas» petrol stations without restrictions

JSC «KazMunayGas - Processing and Marketing» (hereinafter KMG-PM) informs that within the framework of the measures taken by the Government of Kazakhstan to normalize the situation in the domestic market, «KazMunayGas Onimderi» LLP (100% subsidiary of KMG-PM) signed contracts for AI-92 gasoline supply in the amount of 106,700 metric tons in October for the supply of in Kazakhstan, including 87.2 thousand tons from Russia.

In the period from September to October 2014 shipment volume amounts to 66.1 thousand tons. The quality of imported products corresponds to classes K-2, K-3 and K-5.

The daily shipments of AI-92 gasoline from refineries of Russia and other countries amounts 2.8-3.0 thousand tons.

Imported gasoline products of environmental class K-5 meet the requirements of the markets of the Customs Union and the European Union countries.

Gasoline AI-92 of K-5 class will be sold at «KazMunayGas» retail gas stations in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions.  

The retail sale of AI-92, AI-95 automotive gasoline and diesel fuel is implemented at all filling stations of KazMunayGas without restrictions.

In addition, three Kazakh oil refineries increased volume of processing and production of petroleum products. Thus, for the period from January to September this year a domestic refineries processed 10 993, 346 thousand tons, or 3.4% more than the same period of 2013.

Refineries increased the oil production by 17,3 %-2 210,511 thousand tons, jet fuel by 13,7% -315,549 thousand tons, liquid gas by 14,8%-302,9 thousand tons, diesel-by 3,6 % 3 million 154 575 thousand tons in January- September in comparison to the same period 2013.

Thus, the production of the fuel oil decreased.

In addition to the above measures, in order to saturate the domestic fuel market it was initiated to adjust the Plan of oil refining and petroleum products production at the Kazakh refineries 2014 of the Ministry of Energy in the direction of increasing the volume of oil refining in the fourth quarter, as well as taking into account the timing of the transfer of capital repairs at the «PKOP» LLP refinery from October 2014 till March 2015. This adjustment (as of 07.10.2014) will allow to:

refine additionally 346,5 thousand tons of oil in October-December

produce additionally 136,6 thousand tons of the automotive gasoline, 54,2 thousand diesel fuel, 20,5 thousand tons of jet fuel.

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