Enterprises of NAC «Kazatomprom» JSC became prizewinners of «RATIONALIZER.KZ» contest

Volkovgeology JSC and Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (UMP) became the prizewinners in the republican contest “RATIONALIZER.KZ”.

The annual contest which is hold by National Agency for technological development (NATD) under the auspices of the Ministry for investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan determines the winners in two nominations: “The best rationalization solution of the year” and “The best system of innovation support at a facility”. In 2014 Kazatomprom is represented among prizewinners in both nominations.

The grand prize for the best system of innovation support at a facility was awarded to Volkovgeology JSC which is dealing with the geologic exploration projects at the territory of Kazakhstan.

For the period of 13 years, from 2001 to 2014, Volkovgeology has got 41 provisional and innovation patents for inventions. During these years 138 rationalization proposals allowed the company to yield savings at more than 216 million KZT.

The second best and the winners of money prize in the amount of 1 500 000 KZT were innovators of UMP tantalum production operations: Alexander Angilevko, Nikolai Lebedev, Viktor Tsorayev and Gennadiy Gaintsev. The idea of engineers consisted in the change of technology of tantalum ingots production by use as a modifying agent of yttrium metallic instead of yttrium oxide. The authors proved that introduction of this technology allowed improvement of the product quality – reduce mass fraction of oxygen impurity in the finished tantalum ingots. Besides, transition from yttrium oxide to metallic yttrium leads to sufficient cutting of costs for reagent consumption. The economic benefit due to introduction of this rationalization proposal will be more than 13 and a half million KZT per year.

This is not the first win of UMP rationalisers in the Republican contest. In 2011 the company received the top prize in nomination “The best system of innovation support in a facility”.

The contest «RATIONALIZER.KZ» is hold in Kazakhstan for the fifth time. As NATD notes more than 100 requests to take part in selection round have been submitted. During election of winners the novelty and proven economic efficiency, clearly defined technical solution and mechanism for implementation of the proposed innovations were taken into account.

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