All conditions created for participation in «People's IPO» program

About 30 thousand people in 25 cities of the country have already visited open lectures and presentations on People's IPO program clarification. «Kazpost» provides an opportunity to  submit applications for the purchase of shares of «KEGOC» JSC in any region of the country.

«Samruk-Kazyna» JSC as a single shareholder of «KEGOC» JSC implements the large-scale informational and educational campaigns on clarification of Program's implementation mechanisms, its goals, tasks and principles of the stock market.

As the result of 6 working days from November 5-12, 1156 applications were accepted. The number of shares amounted 1million 151 335 units worth 581 million 424 175 tenge. (price of one share-505 tenge).

It should be noted compared to the same period last year the number of subscriptions on «KazTransOil» JSC shares was 947.

“Informational campaign is in full swing. The success of «People's IPO» program depends on the active participation of Kazakh people. It is important to make contract with broker and open client account of broker in order to effectively and timely submit application on share purchase,» Erkanat Abeni, Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board - Deputy Chief Director of “Samruk -Kazyna» JSC said at the press conference.

The main aspect of the informative campaign this year is conducting open educational lectures in the regions.

Among professional trainers, experts on the stock market specialists-representatives of the brokerage companies such as «Asyl Invest» JSC, «BCCInvest» JSC, «HalykFinance» JSC, «PrivateAssetManagement» JSC, «Freedom Finance» JSC explain mechanisms of program implementation at these events.

Political management school of «Nur Otan» party organized open lectures and presentations in 25 cities of the country covering 29 655 people, 70 lectures (6034 people) and 246 presentations (23639 people) from October 1 to November 10, 2014.

Informational and educational events will be conducted till the end of November within the «People's IPO» program.

«We have conducted large scale work on customer service improvement after the first phase of the «People's IPO» program. This year the employees passed special training on potential investors and their total number amounts about 2000 people,» Managing Director of «Kazpost» JSC Sanat Akhanov noted.

To receive brokerage services please refer to one of the 19 brokerage companies. The central informational resource-website (www.halyk-ipo.kz) and  toll free hotline around Kazakhstan (8 8000 70 15 70).

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