KazMunaiGas Onimderi: coupons must become a thing of the past

Plastic cards are a modern and convenient way to pay for various goods and services including fuel. However, coupons are still at large in Kazakhstan.

Today, we will compare the pros and cons of “plastic” payments, cash and coupons.

Inconveniences of coupons

The obvious shortcomings of coupons are the possibility of its misuse, lack of control of costs and difficulty of bookkeeping. That is, there is no insurance from resale of the “saved” coupons unless a company is very thorough on accounting of the fuel in the company.

In addition, a paper coupon can be easily lost or stolen. In order to not lose the fuel covered by coupons, the company should write to the provider and ask to block the coupons. The procedure, by the way, lasts several days, and the abusers may have time to fill their tanks for the entire amount, i.e., the bearers of the coupons are at additional financial risks. Restoration of coupons is only possible after the expiration date.

Non-cash payments mean transparency

Many large companies that were previously allocating cash to buy fuel, now prefer to have fuel cards. Cashless payments provide maximum transparency for all transactions. In this case, the company drivers are no longer tempted to use low-quality fuel and pocket the difference.

Conversely, the company, gets to save a lot: large volumes of fuel are purchased at a fixed price at one time, and then are being consumed for a long period, while fluctuations in cost do not affect the value redeemed for the whole volume.

Practice shows: corporate customers can save up to 30 percent by using fuel cards.

It’s also very convenient for individual drivers: their fuel card becomes a kind of virtual fuel storage. It stores information about the purchased volume of petroleum products in advance and at each refueling automatically writes-off the liters consumed.

Contactless innovations

Contactless NFC technology refueling is gaining popularity abroad. All one has to do is bring a mobile phone with a special SIM-card with an integrated NFC-antenna, to a scanner at a refueling station. The system automatically refills for the required amount of fuel within the reserved amount. It’s really quick and easy - the drivers do not wait in line, payment are run remotely and are immediately taken into the accounting system.

In trend

One of the major fuel station networks “KazMunaiGas” has long been successfully using the card system. The storage of petroleum products on the cards is carried out both in monetary terms and in the fuel purses. The significant advantage of the card is the possibility of its use throughout the territory of Kazakhstan.

According to Director of the Department of Refined Products of “KazMunaiGas Onimderi” Julia Zhernakova, the advantage of the KazMunaiGas fuel card is not only its simplicity, security and speed of service at gas stations, but also the possibility of reducing fuel costs. The card can become extremely effective and an accurate tool for monitoring, analysis and planning for the maintenance of the vehicle costs. “Currently, KazMunaiGas Onimderi has been carrying out explanatory works with government agencies to unveil the benefits of the card system and the gradual transition from coupons,” Julia Zhernakova noted.

Thus, the transition to the new technological platform opens up a large span of possibilities for the development of new and unique services to customers.

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