Any non-compliance of work-related safety environment will not go overlooked

A signal card has been developed at the AOR as part of the AMAN (integrated system of occupational safety and health) project.

The card is a special form of notification in case of discovered violations/security inconsistencies of safety and labor protection. The main purpose of the card is detection and prevention of situations that could lead to accidents, incidents, accidents and so on, at an early stage.

These cards are to be placed in easy-to-access locations at all plant units (operators’ rooms, safety corners, information stands). If any violation/non-compliance is witnessed, any employee can fill out the signal card, indicating the incident, describing the nature of the incident and where applicable – his or her recommendation to eliminate the infringement. The completed forms can be dropped into a special box with the inscription “For the signal cards.” The forms are regularly reviewed by engineers of the department of Health and Safety.

The plant employees, who submit cards with the highest-quality content that reveal weak points in production, who make a contribution to the improvement of health and safety, may receive a one-time bonus or a valuable gift by the decision of the central committee.

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