Kazakhstan elected as a member of Universal Postal Union Administrative Council

Kazakhstan has been elected as a member of the Administrative Council of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for the period of next 4 years at the 26th Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. This membership enables Kazakhstani specialists to offer innovative solutions in global postal industry.  Only 40 of the 192 state-members of the UPU have right to propose and implement new mechanisms in the work of the postal industry. 

Our country’s delegation was represented by the top management of Kazpost JSC and by the high level delegation from the Ministry of Information and Communications.

«Our company has become a member of the Administrative Council and we expect an active participation of our experts in the promotion of ideas that allow us in the short term to change not only the company's image but also the processes that have a positive impact on our revenues.

The postal administrations from various countries have already been interested in our innovative projects, such as concepts of “Parcel Supermarket” and others. In the framework of the Congress, we have signed a memorandum with the postal administration of Turkey. This memorandum opens up prospects for Kazakhstan based entrepreneurs to access the Turkish market by selling domestic products to Turkish consumers. This will be possible thanks to the integration of the communication systems postmarket.kz and online postal services of Turkey,» Kazpost CEO Bagdat Mussin said.

Additionally, as a part of the signed memorandum, the parties agreed to cooperate in the development of electronic commerce, exchange of information and experience, development of service quality, postal payment services, philately, and quick money transfer systems.

The Congress adopted a number of decisions aimed at improving the quality of postal services, development of world postal infrastructure, broadening the range of services including financial services offered by postal administrations in accordance with modern information technologies.

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