HR academy opened on the basis of the Corporate University «Samruk-Kazyna»

On October 19, HR academy was opened as per the framework of the transformation program under the Corporate University «Samruk-Kazyna”.

The academy is a program of professional development and HR certification proposed by the Corporate University «Samruk-Kazyna» with the support of «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC.

As part of the transformation, introduction of international standards in human resource management is underway along with the automation of business processes and changes in the corporate management.

Training programs by “HR-Academy» are aimed at implementation of processes in human resource management of portfolio companies in accordance with HR reference model.

The goals of HR academy

The primary goal of HR academy is to maximize the long-term values and competitiveness of the Fund's portfolio companies through the implementation of target processes in human resources management in accordance with HR reference model.

The training program is developed according to the effective human resource management model and focuses on organizational performance and HR strategy that directly supports the business.

An integrated approach to human resource management system is used in the program.

What are the advantages of HR Academy? 

- Comprehensive and intensive training program which is developed using the best international practices to cover all the key areas of HR;

- Thorough methodological basis;

- Active learning approach with mandatory practical work for each module in order to provide necessary knowledge and skills to the participants. The practical module involves practical case studies, role plays, simulations etc;

- After passing the module, each participant receives policy templates, forms and other materials which are ready for use;

- The program will be managed by professional team of trainers;

The program is aimed at HR directors of the Fund group of companies, line managers, HR managers operating in the relevant areas, as well as Fund’s partners.

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