Oil refining at three refineries, October 2016

Atyrau Oil Refinery (AOR), Pavlodar Oil and Chemistry Refinery (POCR) and Shymkent’s PetroKazakhstan Oil Products (PKOP) have processed 1,080,456 tonnes of crude oil in October this year. The execution level of the plan is at 102.90 percent.

In total in 10 months of this year, the plant processed 11,373,466 tonnes of oil, the execution level is 100.22 percent (24,903 tonnes more than planned).

Some 10,511,550 tonnes have been produced, which is 50,752 tonnes more than planned. These include gasoline - 2,336,850 tonnes, diesel fuel 3,421,671 tonnes, aviation fuel 219,441 tonnes.

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