Astana hosts anniversary meeting of the Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia

One of the most important events in the power industry, the meeting of Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia (CEPC CA) took place on 16 November 2016 in Astana under the chairmanship of KEGOC. The meeting was attended by the top managers of power grids of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

One of the most important functions of KEGOC is the management and maintenance of stability of parallel operations with power systems of the neighbouring countries. Kazakhstan's power system operates in parallel with the power systems of Integrated Power System (IPS) of Central Asia and Russia.

It provides technical and economic benefits for each party including comprehensive and rational use of water, fuel and energy potential of the Central Asian region.

The relationship between Kazakhstan UPS and the power systems of Central Asia are governed by the agreement between the Governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on the parallel operation of power systems (Bishkek, 17 June 1999), according to which the parties provide interstate electricity supply and deliver mutual services: transit and power regulation.

Guided by this Agreement, the power system operators of the four countries created, in 2003, an advisory body “Coordination Electric Power Council of Central Asia (CEPC CA)”, which has become a unique «platform» for constructive dialogue. One of the main objectives of the advisory body is to coordinate the parallel operations and to ensure concerted actions among the member power systems.

Over the years, CEPC CA member countries have successfully solved the joint issues to ensure the stability and reliability of parallel operation of power systems.

The member countries have increased the generation capacity, and also further developed the grid infrastructure. For example, KEGOC plans to complete the construction of the first phase of 500 kV North-East-South Electricity Transmission Project, 500 kV OHTL Ekibastuz - Shulbinsk HPP (Semey) - Ust-Kamenogorsk before the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan. The project is planned to get completed before the scheduled date fixed earlier.

In September 2016, Uzbekistan commissioned the new power facilities at Talimarjan and Angrensk thermal power plants with a total capacity of 600 MW. Kyrgyzstan has commissioned the second South-North 500 kV transmission line. There are successful developments in the energy sector of Tajikistan, a country with significant water and energy resources.

As a result, this year the energy systems of Kazakhstan and Central Asia are prepared for 2016-2017 autumn-winter period more than ever.

In the course of the 25th meeting of CEPC CA in Astana, a set of current and relevant issues was discussed. The discussion particularly covered the issues of reliability, safe and parallel operations, and the readiness of power systems for the autumn-winter period. The issues  related to improvement of procedural framework were considered separately taking into account the changes in power systems (new lines, power plants) affecting the security of supply and the issues related to comprehensive use of water, fuel and energy resources of the Central Asian region.

The meeting made a number of decisions to coordinate the actions and develop mutually beneficial cooperation of the power systems to maximize the use of the technical and economic benefits of the parallel operation.

It is symbolic that this meeting was the 25th meeting and was held in the year of the 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian states.


Participants of CEPC CA are Power System Operators:

KEGOC (Kazakhstan),

UzbekEnergo (Uzbekistan),

Kyrgyzstan NPG (Kyrgyzstan),

Barki Tochik (Tajikistan).Operator of Central Asian IPS - 'Energy' Coordination Dispatch Centre (Tashkent)

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