Creating of the Fund
Joint Stock Company «National Welfare Fund» Samruk -Kazyna» was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the 13th of October, 2008 (№ 669) and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated the 17th of October, 2008 (№ 962), as a part of State's measures to improve the competitiveness and the stability of the national economy.
The Education Fund of National Welfare Fund «Samruk - Kazyna» comes through the merger of the largest state-owned conglomerates: JSC «Sustainable Development Fund “Kazyna» and «Kazakhstan Holding for Management of State Assets «Samruk».
So, the financial assets of the Fund «Kazyna», distributed in the national development institutions and shareholders' equity of the state holding «Samruk» in the form of state shares (interests ) in the national and other companies have been merged into a single administration in the National Welfare Fund «Samruk -Kazyna».
The main objective of the Fund is the effective management of combined assets (belonging to it by right of ownership), increase their long-term value and competitiveness in world markets. Accordingly, the overriding principles of the Fund are efficiency, flexibility and transparency of the work in the interests of the state as the sole shareholder.
The operator of the national projects
The management of the Fund's assets is inextricably linked to the performance management of the economy as a whole. In this regard, the Fund provides maximum support to Kazakhstani Government to promptly and efficiently dealing with topical issues of national economy’s development.
The Fund is the conductor policy, participating in the task of national scale. In cooperation with the relevant ministries, Fund provides assistance in the modernization and diversification of the national economy, and in times of economic difficulty - to stabilize it.
Thus, the Fund was the main operator in the implementation of the government's action plan to stabilize the economy and financial system for 2009-2010. As part of the anti-crisis program the Foundation has disbursed more than $ 7 billion, which were aimed at financial stabilizing, housing development, and support for small and medium businesses, implementation of the innovations, the industrial and infrastructure projects. As a result of the measures, in crisis times Kazakhstan was able to provide growth of the national economy.
National Welfare Fund «Samruk -Kazyna» is one of the key partners in the implementation orders of the President of Kazakhstan in the framework of the Annual Massage to the People of the country and a number of the government programs, including the Strategy of Industrial and Innovation Development Program «30 Corporate Leaders of Kazakhstan», the housing construction program, the Program for the local content development, and others.
Investment partner
The Fund pursues the active investment activities in Kazakhstan and as well as abroad. Among its functions there is the investment participation in the regional, national and international projects, including real sector of the economy, through the presence in the authorized capital and loans.
The priority sectors for the Fund's investments today are such sectors as oil and gas, electric power, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and infrastructure.
The investment activities of the Fund are aimed primarily at supporting and upgrading existing assets of the companies’ group of JSC «Samruk -Kazyna». Many investment projects the Foundation implements in the regions of the country, thereby creating a multiplier effect on the socio-economic development of the peripheral arias.
Special attention is also directed to the Fund's support for the domestic producers to promote products and services of Kazakh production at the local and overseas markets.
National Welfare Fund «Samruk- Kazyna» is the multi- party investment. Its functions include :
- Creation of the effective integrated system of the financial and investment instruments in the companies’ group ;
- Development of the new sectors of the economy and the acquisition of economically attractive assets, both in Kazakhstan and abroad ;
- Ensure the coordinated and active investment policy in the implementation of the investment companies and innovative projects, the main priority of which is the realization of the projects in Kazakhstan ;
- Attracting domestic and foreign, public and private investment and innovation in various sectors of the economy;
- Implementation of the balanced borrowing on the domestic and international capital markets ;
- Financing small and medium-sized businesses ;
- Development of the inter-regional economic relations, including through the implementation of the projects in Kazakhstan

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