The Ombudsman is a person appointed by the Board of Directors of the Fund whose role is to advise the employees of the Fund and organizations that appealed to him and to assist in resolving labor disputes, conflicts, problematic issues of a social and labor nature, as well as to observe the principles of business ethics by the Fund's employees and organizations.

Work Principles of the Ombudsman

The main principles of the Ombudsman’s work are independence, neutrality and impartiality, confidentiality and informality.

1) Independence.

·     The Ombudsman is independent in his activities and independent in his judgments;

·     The Ombudsman cannot occupy another position in the Fund or an organization that could compromise his independence and neutrality;

·     The Ombudsman participates in the selection of employees to the Ombudsman's office and manages its work.

2) Neutrality and impartiality.

·     The Ombudsman is neutral, impartial and independent when considering the appeal;

·     The Ombudsman does not stand on the side of any of the conflicting (disputing) parties;

·     The Ombudsman does not have personal material and (or) non-material interests from the results of consideration of applications.

3) Confidentiality.

·     The Ombudsman does not disclose information if he does not get permission from the applying person and even in this case independently makes the final decision at his own discretion. Exceptions are cases established by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

·     The Ombudsman does not disclose the names of the persons who addressed him in providing recommendations on the main trends, identified problems, existing policies and established practice.

4) Informality.

·     The Ombudsman carries out his activities on an informal basis, in particular, he listens, provides and receives information, materials and necessary explanations, and also, at his own discretion, engages interested persons on an informal basis;

·     The Ombudsman does not take decisions of binding nature and does not take formal decisions for officials of the Fund and organizations;

·     The Ombudsman only complements the formal sources of conflict resolution, but in no case replaces them;

·     An appeal to the Ombudsman or to the Ombudsman's office is voluntary, but not mandatory.

FAQ: Ombudsman

Where can I complain in case of violations of rights?
Natalia Ivanovna
Good afternoon! Where can I complain in case of my labour rights abuse?

Dear Natalia Ivanovna, for all communications concerning unlawful acts of the Fund’s officials and other employees please contact: Ombudsman's Hotline: +7 (7172) 55-40-04 or by e-mail:

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