Question on procurement
Natalia Ivanovna
Good afternoon. Could you please explain the concept of “homogeneous market of purchased works, services”? Bidding documents provide a criterion for assessing the experience in a homogeneous market, and require to submit acts of acceptance and invoices for its confirmation.
Dear Madam, in accordance with paragraph 144, subparagraph 1 of the Procurement Rules, the methodological guidance on procurement issues are supervised under Samruk-Kazyna JSC’s structural subdivisions. Therefore, please make a formal request to Samruk-Kazyna JSC using the following details: Block B, 8 Kunayev St, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.
Is Samruk-Kazyna a government organization?
Serik Beysekov
According to Paragraph 8 of the Government Regulations: "Prime Minister, his deputies and Head of his Office are allowed to give binding instructions, on matters within their competence, to the heads . . . all state bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan without prior agreement with them". Whether the Fund is a government organization, does the above regulation apply to it as well?

Dear Sir, Paragraph 8 of these Regulations refer to government enterprises/institutions and, therefore, it does not apply to the Fund.
Where can I complain in case of violations of rights?
Natalia Ivanovna
Good afternoon! Where can I complain in case of my labour rights abuse?

Dear Natalia Ivanovna, for all communications concerning unlawful acts of the Fund’s officials and other employees please contact: Ombudsman's Hotline: +7 (7172) 55-40-04 or by e-mail:

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