Repeated auction to sell stakes in aircraft factories of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC fails

29.09.2016 18:02
The Dutch electronic actions for 3.99% stake in “Aircraft factory No.406 and 2.67% stake in “Aircraft factory No.405” did not succeed because less than 2 potential bidders registered for participation.
Starting price of “Aircraft factory No.405” JSC amounts to 126 899 000 tenge, “Aircraft factory No.406- 54 873 000 tenge.
“Aircraft factory No.405” JSC and “Aircraft factory No.406” JSC belongs to “NC “Kazakhstan Engineering” JSC.
“Aircraft factory No.405” JSC is located in Almaty. It repairs the following helicopters Mi-8, Mi-8MT/Mi-17, Mi8MTV-1/Mi-17-1B.                                              
«Aircraft factory No.406” JSC is located in Aktobe. It repairs AN-2 aircrafts, Ash-62 engines, Mi-2 helicopters, GTD-350 engines, VR-2 gearboxes, Yak-18T aircrafts and M-14P engines.
The English electronic actions for the sale of stakes in aircraft factories scheduled for the 31st of August also did not succeed because less than 2 participants registered.  
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