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Sovereign Wealth Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC presents film about social responsibility

11.11.2015 16:03
The film «Biіkterge bіrge» is about the socially important projects that have been realized thanks to the support of «Samruk-Kazyna».

Since the scopes of activities of «Samruk-Kazyna» is of strategic importance for the development of the entire economy and affect the interests of the vast number of people, one of the most important principles of the Fund is to support the social and spiritual well-being of Kazakhstan.

In addition, funds are allocated to support veterans of war, provide treatment and rehabilitation of children with serious diagnoses abroad and in Kazakhstan, introduce inclusive education, consult families raising special children, fight against child abandonment, organize leisure activities for children from low-income families through the development of domestic clubs.

Change agents of the Fund in the implementation of these projects are the organization of veterans, PF «Voluntary Society «Mercy», PF «Dara», PF «Kasiettі Zhol», PF «Zamandas”, CF “SOS Children's Villages of Kazakhstan.»

The Fund through the film intends to call the business structure and ordinary citizens to the manifestation of compassion and social responsibility.

After all, during the difficult economic situation, social and vulnerable groups need our support. 

«Do not stay on the sidelines, help the person who is in a difficult situation. Help as you can, if not financially then at least by a good deed and participation,» that is the main message of the film «Biіkterge bіrge».
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