Flood Relief in Kazakhstan: Support Provided by the Companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Group

Flood Relief in Kazakhstan: Support Provided by the Companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Group


04 April 2024

Samruk-Kazyna JSC is going to allocate financial support to the regions worst affected by the natural disaster.

The funds are to be channeled through a single charity operator Samruk-Kazyna Trust.

In addition to financial support, Portfolio Companies and Subsidiaries of Samruk-Kazyna help on the spot, together with local administrations and emergency departments, to carry out emergency rescue operations, provide equipment, and restore damaged infrastructure of facilities and residential buildings.

The employees of the Group also raise funds and purchase humanitarian aid at their own discretion.

JSC NC KazMunayGas:

Subsidiaries and companies with a stake in KMG operating in the West Kazakhstan region are actively involved in flood relief. At the request of the Akimat of Borili district, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. provided the necessary equipment, and Ural Oil and Gas LLP (50% of KMG’s participation) allocated 6 units of special equipment to carry out flood control measures in Yanuartsevo village of Baiterek district of West Kazakhstan region.

The company provided 4 dump trucks, 1 loader and 1 excavator. The employees of the company have also decided to send money to the Flood Relief Fund.

Moreover, the Atyrau youth, including young specialists of Embamunaigas JSC and KazTransOil JSC, sent humanitarian aid to flood victims in Aktobe and Arkalyk regions. They distributed food and household items to the affected residents of the city. From March 30 to 31, volunteers collected food, medicines, and essential items, and on April 1, they helped to ship humanitarian aid.

Kazakhoil Aktobe LLP provided financial aid to Mugalzhar and Alga districts, and members of the Council of Young Specialists of the company sent food and household items to the affected families at their own expense.

Employees of the Atyrau Refinery are going to send a one-day salary to help residents of Atyrau region who were affected by floods.

In addition, an Operational Headquarters, and a Mobilization Group of 150 factory workers have been created at the plant, which will take part in flood control measures on the territory assigned by the regional akimat.

Atyrau Refinery LLP is also ready to mobilize special equipment, supply tools and vehicles for the evacuation of the population.

On April 4, JSC NC KazMunayGas sent 20 tons of diesel fuel through Atyrau Refinery to Zhylyoi district. Atyrau Refinery also allocated storage tanks for fuel and lubricants and inventory for shore protection works to Makhambet district.

KMG Subsidiaries continue to assist in flood management.

Kazakhtelecom JSC:

Kazakhtelecom JSC participates in the elimination of consequences in several regions of Kazakhstan – Kostanai, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan regions.

In order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of telecommunications facilities in the conditions of spring floods, as well as the organization of work to protect people, buildings and structures of telecommunication systems, the technical unit of the company has created operational headquarters. Call centers have been organized between the departments; emergency recovery teams have been formed.

Kazakhtelecom, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and akimats of the regions, is working to eliminate the consequences of flooding almost 24 hours a day. The company organized the delivery and launch of diesel generators in the regions. The local authorities were also provided with heavy equipment to sort out the wreckage in the flooded areas.

Employees promptly troubleshoot equipment damaged as a result of floods.

In the villages of the southern part of Kostanai region, Kazakhtelecom organized day-and-night duty of technical personnel and connected diesel generators to provide power supply to communication facilities. There is a constant pumping of incoming water to the facilities and infrastructure of the telecom operator.

Kazakhtelecom equipment has been installed in 67 flooded localities in Aktobe region. The staff of the Department of Access Network Operation evacuated inventory items from flooded warehouses located in Aktobe. In Kobda district, the team provided the third floor of an office building for the location of rescuers and employees of KazTransGas Aimak.

Humanitarian aid collection sites have been organized in the regions on the basis of the company’s branches.

In addition, KT is working on measures to support compatriots affected by floods: a decision has already been made to write off subscription fees, debts and penalties for the entire emergency period in respect of those Kazakhtelecom customers whose homes were flooded and who were evacuated from their settlements.



On March 30, Passenger Transportation JSC organized the evacuation of about 250 residents of Karaganda region. In order to ensure the transportation of the population, passenger train No.8801/8802 was assigned on the route “Karaganda-Balkhash-2” for a round trip journey.

Additional wagons were also assigned to passenger trains No. 605/606 on the Karaganda-Balkhash-2 route and in the opposite direction for one trip.

Approximately 1,000 people were transported along with additional routes.

Food delivery has been organized by rail to the settlements in Aktobe region, where transport links on the roads of republican and regional significance have been stopped due to floods. Three wagons with food (80 tons) were delivered from Aktobe to Zhem station. There has also been organized free transportation of seriously ill people by train from Zhem station.

In Aktobe, young railway workers and volunteers are giving help to flood victims: they deliver sand in bags to block waterways, distribute humanitarian aid.

Employees of the Akmola branch provided humanitarian assistance and support to their colleagues affected by floodwaters and flooding. Food packages and essential items were provided to employees, as well as temporary accommodation for those who found themselves homeless due to flooding. Relief work is going on.

All divisions of the railway have been transferred to work in an intensified mode. Detours are carried out, places of accumulation of water are identified. Emergency measures are being taken to divert water, posing a threat to train safety.


Employees of the QazaqGaz group of companies in the regions are participating in emergency rescue and flood control operations. In addition, there have been formed volunteer groups in the flooding regions. Activists use their own funds to buy necessary food and cook hot meals.

On March 29 and 30, employees of the Aktobe branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC sent more than 350 portions of hot meals to emergency services, military and police officers. 150 portions of hot meal, medicine and other essential goods were sent to Shyganak Bersiyev village.

Besides, 34 units of equipment of the production branches of QazaqGaz Onimderi LLP - excavators, loaders, bulldozers, trawls, and tractors - are involved in flood mitigation work. In addition, the Council of Youth Affairs QazaqGaz Jastary took the initiative to transfer funds in the amount of a one-day salary to help flood victims.

In addition, JSC NC QazaqGaz will restore gas distribution networks in the flooded regions at its own expense. Including facilities on the balance sheet of private gas companies.

Earlier, the QazaqGaz group of companies developed an Action Plan to prepare gas facilities and equipment for operation during the spring flood period. In particular, since March 1, the condition of the foundations of the technological pipeline supports, aggregates, installations, crane units, buildings and structures have been monitored. In addition, to eliminate the possible consequences of floods, emergency crews have been formed, the readiness of emergency special equipment has been ensured, and a day-and-night duty has been provided.

For prompt response to emergencies related to gas supply, there is a 24-hour emergency dispatch service. Customers can call 104 for prompt assistance and consultations.

All necessary measures to restore gas supply will be taken after the flood situation in the regions will have been normalized.


KEGOC JSC is intensively involved in the elimination of emergency situations caused by floods at power facilities.

Thus, in Kostanai region, as a result of flooding, there was a fall of supports on 110 kV overhead lines “Saryozek-Amantogai-Amangeldy”, “Amangeldy-Torgai”, which are on the balance sheet of MSE Kostanaiyuzhelectroservis.

The branch of KEGOC JSC, Sarbai IPN, allocated a brigade vehicle, AGP-28 and a team of nine people to eliminate the emergency situation. The downed supports are in the water and, as a temporary measure, a bridge was installed between the anchor supports of the 110 kV Saryozek-Amangeldy and Amangeldy-Torgai overhead lines. Electricity supply to consumers in Zhangeldy and Amangeldy districts has been restored.

In Aktobe region, there was a massive flooding of 110 kV lines on the balance sheet of Energosystem LLP. A tractor has been allocated by the branch of KEGOC JSC, Aktobe IPN, to provide assistance. To eliminate the consequences of the flood, the branch will allocate a brigade car, a crane and a tower, as well as a team of six people, if possible, access to the overhead line.

To prevent flooding of the PS-35 kV owned by ZapKazREK in Zhana Omir village, Aktobe IPN delivered 4 tons of sand.

In connection with the announcement of the emergency mode, the branch transferred 2 diesel generators with a capacity of 5 kW to the employees of the akimat of Uil district. The branch staff also helped residents of Kobda district of Aktobe region and residents of West Kazakhstan region affected by the flood.

Also, employees of the Almaty IPN branch provided humanitarian assistance to the population of Aktobe region (food, sleeping supplies).

Kazpost JSC

Kazpost JSC is actively involved in flood relief and assistance to the public and directly to the employees of the company.

To date, 3 heavy trucks have been allocated in Astana to deliver humanitarian aid to the affected regions.

A warehouse has been provided in Astana for the collection, storage and subsequent dispatch of humanitarian aid. The Youth Council of the Society organized volunteer assistance in loading and sending humanitarian aid.

In addition, a railway carriage and light trucks were provided to local executive bodies of Mangystau, West Kazakhstan region for the delivery of humanitarian aid among the districts.

Similar work is being carried out in Zhambyl and North Kazakhstan regions.

JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk

Employees of ShalkiyaZinc LTD JSC, on the initiative of the Young Specialists Council of the Company, raised funds for the purchase of necessary goods to the collection point of humanitarian aid for residents of Aktobe region affected by floods.

Humanitarian kits were purchased with the funds raised. Blankets, pillows, rubber boots, shovels, gloves, and other essential goods were handed over to the aid station.

JSC NAC Kazatomprom

Production facilities of Kazatomprom are located in areas of minimal flooding risk. At the same time, all the envisaged measures to prevent possible emergencies have been carried out in a timely manner and in full. Round-the-clock monitoring of the flood situation is being carried out in close cooperation with local and state emergency authorities.

In the Subsidiaries, there have been trainings and exercises in advance to prevent and eliminate the consequences of flooding. Employees of civil protection units are prepared for actions in flooding situations, equipment has been prepared (excavators, loaders and dump trucks, water pumping equipment) inert bulk materials, sandbags, and tools for flood control measures.

Shore protection and bulk works, snow removal, culvert, storm and drainage systems cleaning, installation of additional channels for the passage of meltwater have been carried out.

Local executive bodies are being lent assistance in carrying out flood control measures at the territorial level.

Thus, in Yenbek village, Birzhan Sal district, employees of the Semizbai mine carried out flood control work, which prevented damage to the settlement.

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