Safety is the most important thing. Kazakhstan’s experience in labor protection was highly appreciated at the world level

Safety is the most important thing. Kazakhstan’s experience in labor protection was highly appreciated at the world level


05 August 2022

The Samruk-Kazyna HSE experts shared their experience at the XXII World Congress Occupational Risk Prevention, to be held from August 3 to 5 in Cartagena (Colombia).

There is something to tell

Samruk-Kazyna has declared the 2022 year as the HSE Year. All companies of the Fund Group pay special attention to improving the industrial safety system (HSE). Measures are taken to introduce production automation, free workshops on first aid. Children of employees prepare videos and drawings with calls to parents to be careful at work and observe safety rules.
They have already made good progress in this way: in 2021, the companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Group decreased the number of serious accidents by 32% compared to 2019. The Fund strives to further reduction of the number of incidents and promotes the Vision Zero global concept of “zero tolerance” for injuries at work. 
Kazakhstan success

Kazakhstan is the only CIS country that was invited to the forum. 

“When the question came up which countries to invite to the event from the post-Soviet space, we immediately decided that Kazakhstan would be the first on our list. The country has made great strides in the shortest possible time, which consolidates and promotes the most important values - the health and well-being of employees”, Hans-Horst Konkolewski, President of the International Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks said.  
Specialists of the Samruk-Kazyna Corporate University (SKCU) accepted the invitation and shared with the world community the experience of labor protection in Kazakhstan. 

“My presentation was devoted to the implementation of the 5Z rules within the framework of the Vision Zero concept in Kazakhstan: where we started, where we are. The concept is based on the rules of five zeros: zero accidents, zero diseases, zero pollution, zero harassment, zero ignorance”, expert Viktor Podnebesniy says.

His colleague Askhat Sariyev presented a mobile application on labor protection in Kazakhstan Temir Zholy: “We talked about a web platform with integrated mobile applications that allows employees to prevent dangerous actions, receive bulletins, conduct inspections, questionnaires, use a hotline and many other functions. At the moment, the number of users is 100 thousand people, which covers 98% of all employees”.

Kazakhstani specialists were acquainted with the best innovations in labor protection in the world, for example, from German Siemens, from experts of the UN, the International Labor Organization and the Vision Zero Steering Committee and other international organizations.

Now they are ready to put them into practice in Kazakhstan in order to protect and even save the life and health of their colleagues.