The third graduation of young professionals under the "Zhas Orken" program


12 May 2021

Graduates of the 2019 Zhas Orken Program have successfully completed an internship in the companies of the "Samruk-Kazyna" Fund. An online graduation was held for 23 students. The project started in 2017 for the search, development and subsequent employment of talented and promising Kazakh youth in the "Samruk-Kazyna" group of companies.

Within the framework of the Zhas Orken Program, Samruk-Kazyna trains future top managers for its enterprises and gives young professionals from all over Kazakhstan the opportunity to build a dream career for 10 to 15 years. 80 companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Fund group and over 180 mentors are involved in the project. The participants receive not only professional, personal and business skills, leadership vision, but also deal with real cases and tasks of companies.

Almasadam Satkaliyev, the CEO of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC: "We have set goals to improve the quality of assets, the level of investment attractiveness and corporate governance of portfolio companies. Human capital plays a key role in achieving strategic objectives. Therefore, the issue of attracting young and talented professionals who are just starting their career today is a priority in human resources management policy. Congratulations to the participants of the 2019 Zhas Orken on the successful completion of the program".

For 5 years of the program's work, almost 9000 applications were considered. After selection, training and 4 rotations of internships in national companies, 53 best young specialists came to the finish line. HR-employees of the leading companies in the country call such guys "golden heads" that recruiters "hunt" for.

Anar Mukhamedzhanova, Director of the Human Resources Management Department of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC: Now "Zhas Orken" is not just a project, but a recognizable brand and a model of a program for the development of talented youth for further replication and implementation in national companies of Kazakhstan. Therefore, according to the Zhas Orken methodology, the Kazpost Edition program of Kazpost JSC and Izbasar program of NAC Kazatomprom JSC have already been successfully implemented".

At the end of the online graduation ceremony, the words of advice to the young professionals were expressed by the invited guest – Chairman of the Committee for Sports and Physical Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, Olympic champion Serik Sapiyev. He urged the graduates to believe in themselves, their goals and not to stop on the achieved.


Amankeldina Zhazira has achieved very great results in project management. As an engineer, she has initiated many technological and digital projects aimed at reducing energy costs, improving production processes, development of new industrial and digital products.

One of such digital projects of Zhazira is a system for managing ideas and proposals of employees, developed within the framework of rotation in NAC "Kazatomprom" JSC. This platform, the concept of which was developed by Zhazira, will allow each employee not only to state the company about their idea, but also to see how it turns into an actual project. Now her colleagues from the department of scientific and technological projects continue to work on the implementation and further implementation of the system. It should be noted that there are no analogues of this product in Kazakhstan.

Another outstanding project of Zhazira is foresight research, during which the competitive advantages of the production of rare metals were determined in 10-15 years. As a result of this work, Zhazira gave recommendations on which direction to work in order to remain competitive in the rare metals market, which is what the team of the scientific and technological projects department is currently doing.

During the third rotation in KMG Engineering under the Zhas-Orken program, Ayaulym Amankeldiyeva had the good fortune to work on a very interesting project, which at the time was at the initiation stage by her mentor Maksat Tleshev. The main task was to study the problem of scaling and methods of dealing with this complication in oil fields. An effective method of dealing with this complication was the prediction of the probability of scaling. After a literature search, as well as acquaintance with analogue programs predicting the probability of scaling, Ayaulym developed a program called SatTi. Ayaulym's main contribution to the project was to write program code in the Python programming language and verify it with a similar program. Ayaulym liked the project and realized herself not only as a specialist in the field of chemical engineering but also developed her programming skills, which is relevant in the era of digitalization, therefore she is gladly passing her fourth rotation in Aktau at KazNIPImunaygas in order to test the program SatTi in production and laboratory tests.

Zhanibek Sagidullin is from the West Kazakhstan Oblast, Uralsk city. He received Russian and German education, becoming a Master of Science in Chemical and Energy Technologies.

After graduating from the university, he entered the Zhas Orken Program. He is currently on his final rotation with KLPE LLP, which is engaged in the construction of an integrated gas chemical complex in the Atyrau region.

During the rotation, Zhanibek faced a problem in which the MES production management system sent daily alarms to NC "KazMunayGas" JSC in the form of a report. The problem was incorrectly downloaded data on the minimum and maximum ranges of parameters set on the sensors. Having discovered this, Zhanibek adjusted the ranges of values according to the parameters prescribed in the technical regulations. After resolving the problem, the system sends the correct parameter data.

Zhanibek also modified the existing technological schemes of installations in MES, due to which it is possible to monitor the parameters of technological installations online. To date, the work done by Zhanibek is used by both engineers and plant managers.

At the third rotation, which took place in KMG Engineering LLP, the mentor and colleagues entrusted the work oа writing an expert opinion on the technical and technological part of the projects related to modernization and construction of new technological installations at domestic refineries. The opinion was submitted for consideration to the investment committee of NC "KazMunayGas" JSC.

After passing each rotation, Zhanibek was included in the top 5 of the best specialists according to the evaluations of mentors and the project team of the Zhas Orken program.

Dinara Tulebayeva completed her first rotation in the production department of KATCO JV, a uranium processing and mining company.

As a nuclear physicist, the activities of this enterprise were very close to her. Dinara is very proud that her mentor was Adil Kobzhanov. They worked together on automating the data collection and transmission process. While working on these projects, Dinara was faced with the need to start learning programming. The first attempts were not easy, but thanks to the support of her mentor, she managed to overcome difficulties. From that moment, Dinara began to get involved in the field of IT. She decided to complete the program and rotate at KMG Engineering in a project called ABAI. The ABAI information system combines the ability to work with large data sets from fields, smart field technology and visualization centers. Participation in this project allows to expand the horizons in the field of information technologies. The project gives an opportunity to try yourself in the field of Big Data, which allows to expand the horizons in the field of information technology.